Shredding with Matt Ogus

The summer knocked already on that door and the perfect summer body is still hidden somewhere? No worries – there are ways to still get that summer body. The keyword is “shredding” – what means you eat less calories than you burn, so your body looses weight. Important is, not just to focus on weight loss because we want to be toned – not just skinny. Am I right? With toned I am speaking of actually building muscle, while still losing bodyfat (not necessarily weight, but it often comes hand in hand).

It is definitly tough to shred, since it is very hard to gain muscle, while simultaneously losing bodyfat. I have never done it, so I am very excited on how the results will be and if I even see results at all.

I decided to follow a mealplan from Matt Ogus – over the coming weeks I will take you with me on the journey of shredding and I will explain a little more to the actual diet, the foods I will be eating and also to Matt Ogus himself. The meal plan from Matt Ogus convinced me, since it looked like plenty of food during the day, which is important for me in a full time job and the gym time afterwards.

As a workout during the shredding phase my husband an me will most likely follow a workout plan from Arnold Schwarzenegger specified to cut. It will be a littler higher intensity, which means a lot of reps with medium weight. That gets the heart pumping and the cardio up. And even if I hate cardio – it is definitly one big factor for weight loss.

I will keep you updated how our workouts and meal planning and prepping goes. We decided on Friday the 7th of July for a start date. So we have a couple more days of enjoying ourselves and not having to deny any delicious 4th of July BBQ. Happy 4th to all of you! 🙂


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