Are you drinking enough water?

Drinking enough water is very important for active people. But how much should you really drink? The answer to that question is actually harder than you think, since everybody has different needs. There are many factors influencing how much water you should drink, like age, gender, activity level and more.

Off to a good start

A common guideline is to drink eight 8-oz glasses per day. While this is a good start, it will probably not be enough for active people, that are lifting heavy weights or doing a cardio exercises. Our bodyweight is actually 60% water, so if we are very active and sweat a lot, we need to keep our body hydrated. This also counts for hotter areas and also for the summer in general. During hot days we are loosing more liquid by sweating. Even if we don’t realize or notice it – when its warm outside our body automatically “turns on the A/C” by giving out sweat, which evaporates and cools us down. On your hard training days have a sports drink ready after the workout. It will give you back some of the electrolytes you sweated out and will help your body regenerate faster.

Another factor playing into your water intake is the gender. In general men need to drink more than women. So if you are an active male you probably want to double those eight 8-oz glasses and drink a whole gallon. But also for active women one gallon per day is a good rule. Try to aim for it, it is actually not as much as you think.

How I am drinking a gallon a day

I am drinking a gallon per day for a while already and slowly trying to go even a little higher. I am not measuring the exact amount of my water intake, but I am always carrying a shaker cup with me which fits 600 ml (or 20 fl. oz.). That makes just 6 cups during the day. Totally doable. I am drinking already about 3-4 shaker cups of water during my 8-hour workday. During and after the gym I drink another. I can’t drink very much during a workout, since it makes me feel so full, but I drink what I couldn’t finish on my way home. Then, during dinner and my blog/TV/relax time I drink another 1-2 and I already have my gallon in.

Tips to stay hydrated and drink enough water:

Just keep the following tips in mind when trying to drink more water:

  • Carry a waterbottle with you, wherever you go. At work, in the gym, in the car. That helps already a lot. Take a sip when you are bored or before you get out the car to do your grocery shopping.
  • Order water when you go out to eat. It helps saving some money and gets you a little closer to your water goal.
  • Have lemons and limes ready to “spice up” boring water. Nobody likes drinking bland water all the time. Lemons, limes and other fruit or vegetables (e.x. strawberry and cucumber) give it a great taste. Try some mint in it as well!



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