Women who lift!

Why should woman lift? The better question is: Why not?

A lot of women have the mindset, that they are going to become the Hulk overnight, when they just pick up a weight in the gym. But this is just a big myth. Women have a different hormone system as men do and for women it is actually way harder to grow muscle like a man. So lifting weights isn’t going to transform you into a huge, bulky person overnight – but it will help to get toned, have a nice sixpack and even make you stronger and healthier. There are no reasons why women shouldn’t lift – and thats what I am here to show you.

Grab the weights for a sixpack

I have been lifting now for almost 3 years. And in the beginning I hated very bit of it… because I thought I will look bulky in a heartbeat. And here I am now, 3 years later – still in my same clothes size with a small approach of a sixpack (yea, definitly need to put more work in to get it.. its probably more a small 2-pack) and able to carry heavy weights without any problem. And isn’t that what we all want? So dismiss the myth of that heavy weights are making you big and bulky. They are not.

Weightlifting as weight loss tool

It’s a proven fact that women who lift are getting more confidence, and getting more toned if they lift weights. And if you want to, you can even loose those extra pounds you want to get rid of. Just combine weightlifting with a moderate amount of cardio and the pounds will drop. Muscles are burning more calories, so the bigger your muscles get, the more calories can be burned in the first place and the leaner you will become. Which leads up to a nice sixpack, perfect Highheel-calves and no soggy armfat hanging.

Get those curves you dreamed about

Weightlifting also helps to get those feminin curves in. If you train butt and chest, muscles will form and bring those nice curves you were dreaming about. I was always a pretty skinny person – and straight like a string bean. Thanks to squats and deadlifts my muscles are developing and I am slowly getting closer to that little butt! Yay! So no worries that weight lifting will make you bulky or unfeminin – its the opposite!

These (amont a whole lot of other reasons, like better mood, better sleep…) is why woman should lift (and lift more than a tiny pink dumbell). Our health and our body will thank us. I am glad you found here, so we can go on this journey together! Let’s get started!



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