“Cutting Phase” – What is it all about?

I set this Friday (7/7/17) as a start for my cutting diet. My husband and I will “cut” together, which will make it way easier for me to prepare the meals, since we kind of eat the same things, just in different quantities. But before I start, there is a lot of research behind this diet. I never really followed any diet – I just eat what I am hungry for. So this will be my first time getting a glance at “real bodybuilding”, since bodybuilding contains so much more besides working out.

Bulking and Cutting

To get that perfect sixpack, the nice arm- and leg muscles you will have to cut. It is nearly (for the common person you can say it IS) impossible to gain muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time. But to have deeper muscle cuts and a sixpack coming out, you will need to do exactly that. That’s why bodybuilders split gaining muscle and loosing fat in two phases. The “bulking phase” where you eat more and build more muscle (but also more fat) and the “cutting phase” where you loose bodyfat but most likely just maintain the muscle instead of growing it.

Lots of protein during the day

So I am about to start the cutting phase, since I lived in the bulking phase for the past 26 years. There are many rules to follow to loose fat but not loose significally muscle. Important is to keep your metabolism up and running, which means to eat ever 2-3 hours about 5-6 meals per day. It is also recommended to eat high protein foods, so at the end of the day you ate about 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of your bodyweight. I am about 120 pounds, so my goal will be about 120 grams of protein (or more) each day. You should cut the carbs to about 100 g per day, which will be the hardest for me. The fat is for me just a “side effect” and I am not going to worry to much about it. if it is somewhat near to 30 gram I will be okay.

Even if cutting is complex (and I am happy that my husband is supporting me – or we are supporting each other with this) – it is not impossible. After the first week, I am sure the counting will be easier and a routine sets in. My plan is to stay in the cutting phase for 2-3 month. Below I have listed the most important rules I could think of so far – there will be probably popping more and more in my mind when we actually start and get going.

Important cutting rules to follow

  • Eat high in protein (at least 1 g protein for 1 pound of bodyweight per day)
  • Stay moderate in carbs (stay in the moderate level – don’t go to crazy with noodles, bread, rice. But also don’t cut them out completely, your body and muscles need the energy for the workouts!)
  • Eat every 2-3 hour for a high metabolism
  • Eat 5-6 small meals daily
  • Don’t workour right after a meal (but that probably counts for everything)
  • Stay focused!

So come on and hop with me on the cutting train for that perfect beachbody. Its never to late!!


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