Cutting with Matt Ogus – an overview

In my previous blogpost I told you, what a cutting phase is all about. If you didn’t read it, you can find it here. Practically it means to have a lower calorie intake than what you use over the day. The protein and carb intake is measured, so you give your body exactly what it needs to keep the muscle it has but burn bodyfat. This will lead up to defined muscles and a “ripped” body.

Overview over the first 3 days of cutting

I just started on Friday my first cutting phase ever. So I’ll give you an overview how it is so far. My concern that it won’t be enough food and I will be starving for the whole day has almost vanished. It is enough food to keep me full and give me power for the day. The only thing I have to fight with is the breakfast. Since I am used to have lots of granola or bread and eggs for breakfast, just a breakfast shake just doesn’t seem enough for my mind. It is not that I am hungry after I drink it, but I think my body is missing some solids in the morning. But I am pretty sure my body and mind get used to it.

Breakfast time

Matt Ogus goes to the gym after the breakfast shake, what we did over the weekend as well. To the end of the workout I can definitly feel the hunger kicking in, but it isn’t as bad as aspected. After the workout I have a protein shake and some rice cakes to snack on. During my work week I won’t be able to workout after the shake so I will have to push this meal into the afternoon, when I get off of work.

Burrito bowl for lunch

For lunch he eats a Chipotle burrito bowl. But since I don’t want to stop there every day I just cooked rice and chicken myself and mixed it with beans, corn, tomatoes and salsa. Mix everything in a little romano salad and the first part of the lunch is done. For the second part, I have a big spinach salad, even though I might jump between spinach salad and baby leaf salad, just because I like the baby leaf mix more. The lunch is definitly filling.

Dinner is ready

The dinner is a ton of yoghurt (and I really mean a ton) with a couple almonds, honey and dried fruit. I sometimes slice a couple fresh fruit in there as well.

I will post the recipes for all these meals slowly but steady over the next weeks, so if you are interested you can follow this plan as well. In conclusion: for the first 3 days of the cutting diet it could definitly be worse. I am getting full and I feel way less bloaded, since I am not “overeating” which is very common in todays society, even if we don’t really feel like we do. The only thing I really need to get used to, Matt Ogus combines a strength workout with cardio up to 4 x a week. I am not lying – I am not a fan of cardio and there are probably millions of people out there who can outrun me easily. So my cardio is something I will have to work on over the next couple weeks, but I am positive that I will get it!


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