And here another meal from my mealplan from Matt Ogus. This is our lunch, a chicken burrito bowl (even if I have to admit, that once in a while we switch the chicken with steak- not the same macros, but just as delicious).

The Burrito-bowl is very easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time prepping. That’s what I love, so I can make multiple meals for the week in just a little time on the weekend. During his shredding diet, Matt Ogus gets the burrito bowl from Chipotle and just adds a few things. For me personal that doesn’t work out, since I have not the time next to my full time job to drive to Chipotle every day. And homemade is by the way way cheaper. We do get it here and there on the weekends, when we are out and about or just don’t feel like prepping anything.

For this meal I cook in bulk. I cook a lot of rice, lots of chicken (or steak) and lots of beans and corn. So the day before work I just have to put everything together in a container and I am almost ready to go. Just a little salsa and some romaine salad and the bowl is ready.


2 oz white or brown rice (I prefer brown)
2 oz chicken
2 oz fresh Tomato salsa
2 oz pinto or black beans and corn (mixed)
1 cup romaine lettuce
spices as wished

Cook the rice according to package instructions (I always cook 4 cups as once for me and my husband – that lasts us about 4 days). cut the fat from the chicken breast and season with spices (for example paprika, chili, seasoning, pepper, red pepper flakes..). Brown the chicken in a pan until its done.

In the meantime wash and dry the salad and mix the corn and beans. If you like heat them up on the stovetop or in the microwave. Now arrange the salad in a bowl and top with rice, bean and corn mix, chicken. Top with salsa and garnish with fresh cut tomatoes. Enjoy!


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