Welcome to Food and Muscles!


Food and Muscles is a blog about weightlifting techniques, workouts and a diet, that supports the advantages of strength training.

My name is Kathi and I am happy you found your way to my blog. I started “Food and Muscles” because I wanted to share my experiences and my lifestyle around weightlifting and nutrition and connect with others that are interested in the topics of working out, weightlifting, exercises and a diet that supports all of these activities.

Even though there are more women weightlifting than ever, they are still a minority on the weight floor of a gym. And that’s for no reason. You can read all the positive aspects that weightlifting for women has here.

How I came to weightlifting

I am into weightlifting for about two years now. Everything started with the crazy bodybuilding fanatism of my husband. Because we had a long distance relationship for way to long, I wanted to spend all time possible with him, when we finally moved together. So if that meant to move my lazy butt off of the couch, so was it! That must be love, right?!

But here I am now – about two years later. Far away from a bodybuilding professional, yet with a more toned body I ever had and with a bunch more confidence. Even if I have to admit that the first time was hard (and sometimes still is) to get up and go to the gym and I am still sorry for all the complaints my husband had to listen to. But it was worth it!

I always had a pretty healthy diet, but I never paid close attention wo which foods are actually supporting the results of bodybuilding and showing a postivive effect on my body and my mood. That is another reason why i started this blog – as a motivation to stay focused. Not only through my workouts but also to keep track of my diet.

The girl behind the blog

Since you know now a little more about the motivation behind “Food and muscles” – a little more to the person behind the blog:

Kathi // 27 years old // born and raised in Germany // currently living in Maryland, USA //

  • Hobbies: Hiking // cooking and eating (yeah, seriously.. I love food – its definitly my hobby to eat) // trying new restaurants // crafting // travelling the world
  • Favorite Exercise: Squats // Deadlifts // Leg raises // Pushdowns
  • Favorite Food: Rasberrys! // Good german Schnitzel // Pasta in all variations // .. // like I said – never ending list, I love food!