Blueberry-Smoothie with Kale

A little kale in the morning.. doesn’t sound good? With this blueberry-shake you will change your mind. Kale is among the most nutricious foods in existence and it brings you a whole lot of vitamin A, K and C served in just one delicious shake. Kale is a great method to increase the nutrient content of the diet. For this shake I followed the recipe … Continue reading Blueberry-Smoothie with Kale

“Cutting Phase” – What is it all about?

I set this Friday (7/7/17) as a start for my cutting diet. My husband and I will “cut” together, which will make it way easier for me to prepare the meals, since we kind of eat the same things, just in different quantities. But before I start, there is a lot of research behind this diet. I never really followed any diet – I just … Continue reading “Cutting Phase” – What is it all about?

Stretching before weightlifting

Personally for me stretching is very important. Especially after a workout stretches help to loosen up the muscle and can help the body regenerate faster. Weight lifting can put a lot of pressure on your muscles and your body. To reduce this pressure stretching is a good exercise. It can also be done infront of the TV in the evening. So why not just do … Continue reading Stretching before weightlifting